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Matt Laz reviews your game video creating a personalized video analysis report card which pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses.

Game Strategies $75

$75 ea

Report Card

digital training

In Your Ear


Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an IPTPA Master Teaching Pro in your ear coaching you while you’re playing a game?


Bring Matt Laz Virtually to your game by setting up a phone/Ipad with a video call. Matt Laz will watch you play while you wear earplugs and you can listen to his coaching.


Focus of In Your Ear Coaching:

Being Ready

Being in the right position

Hitting the right shot

30 Minute

$30 Per Player

In the War Room Matt will help you and your partner to develop a plan to play better as a team.


This virtual meeting is great tournament preparation



 · In game decisions

· Plan of attack

· Staying calm

· Identifying strengths and weaknesses

· Maneuvering

· Variation of tactics

30 Minute Meeting

Team Development

$20 Per Player, Semi-Private

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