Matt's bio

Matt Laz is an IPTPA Director and Master Teaching Professional. He is a 5.5 UPTR rated Pickleball player with over a dozen gold medals in USAPA sanctioned events. Matt grew up on a tennis court, played in a Texas 5A high school tennis state championship, and was a certified tennis professional long before he was introduced to Pickleball.


A true student of Pickleball who has turned his understanding of Pickleball readiness, shot techniques, court awareness, shot selection and inner game thinking into an adaptive training program. This unique training program combines fundamentals and tactics to help players make good action and reaction decisions on the Pickleball court. Matt will teach you how to play a point, and then how to win a point. 

Matt specializes in detecting and correcting player errors. He evaluates your game video with an analysis report card which pinpoints your strengths and areas for improvement. He has worked with a wide range of players, from beginners to tournament players, to develop a better understanding of how to play the game.

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